Mira’s Prism headset uses your iPhone to deliver affordable augmented reality


Because few people are ready to part with $3,000 to try Microsoft’s HoloLens version of augmented reality, we’ve been waiting for a cheaper solution — and now it’s here, in the form of the Prism.

Developed by Los Angeles-based Mira, the device is to the HoloLens what the Samsung Gear VR is to the Oculus Rift. It’s much, much cheaper, and more lightweight and portable, but don’t expect the same kind of AR experience you’d get with the HoloLens. 

And like the Gear VR, all you need to make it work is a smartphone — in this case the iPhone. I had a chance to test it out last week and it was impressive, although I had a hard time coming up with reasons I’d actually use it at this point. In addition to the headset (which is incredibly well-designed), you also get a separate controller that allows you to interact with AR games and objects.  Read more…

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